The Web Mastermind, Kenneth William

Familiar with the 42K-follower Instagram account, Folkative? We do, too. Yet do you know about the mastermind behind it? Introducing Kenneth William, the founder of Folkative–an independent media platform which focused on Indonesian local brand and is a legit source of news for millennials in the country.

What’s inspired you to form Folkative?

“Never cross my mind that I would form a media, at all. But when I was one of the winner of business plan, I talked to the organizers about local brands and all, ’till I have this thought that local brand have potential. I have yet found a media to highlight their brands. But the growth of Folkative is based on my anxiety and selfishness. I want to make one media which put forward its quality, not only quantity.”

Then, Folkative was formed?

“Yeah, pretty much like that. And I took the name from a combination from word folk and active. It is that simple.”

What was your goals when you decided to form it?

“To lift up local brands so that they can get more exposure. And I aim to make a media for millennials in terms of news, design, and how to deliver them in a very millennials way.”

Tell us about your hardship in the process of making an online platform like this.

“Up till now I still have the hardship, to be honest. At the beginning, I didn’t know everyone or everything about local brands. So I had to set up meetings, even DMed them through Instagram. I mean, I worked so hard on it from zero till now.”

How did you handle it then?

“Since I’m an introvert, I think I stepped out from my comfort zone. I rarely attended any event previously, but now I need to mingle and get my connection even broader.”

With all the achievement you got from Folkative, do you feel satisfied enough?

“Nope. I still have tons of goals and homework that I have to accomplish. Maybe for some people what I have now is enough, but I need more impact for the millennials generations.”

Then share us about your dream feature for the web in the future!

“We want to collab more with the local brands, so we can expose them to the public and vice versa. I mean hopefully, we can form a new culture in the millennials about local brands and Folkative itself. And if we could, I would like to have  printed magz so we can do many collaboration with local stores and distribute the magazine there and everywhere.”

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Photographer: Ganang Arfiardi
Videographer: Iqbal Syafei

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