Welcome Back, Jakarta: Reviving The Forgotten Queen With Jakarta Walking Tour

Under the crown of Batavia, Queen of the East, we are once again reminded about whom we were in the past and how we are going to take the pastimes crown through the future of Jakarta.

Despite being newly established, OLVEH Building has become one of the cultural centers in Kota Tua tourism site. Together with Jakarta Good Guide, Semasa di Kota Tua of OLVEH set a new game in town. They brought the walking tradition in local tourism sites for few years now. Meanwhile, Good Guide already spread their wings from Jakarta to Lombok and Yogyakarta.

Although they typically stroll the town every single day, last weekend (Sat-Sun, 31 Mar-01 Apr 2018) was pretty special for them. Around 100 people joined Olveh Markt Walking Tour – Beginning of Batavia to explore hidden gems of Jakarta around Kota Tua complex, including VOC Headquarters, Jakarta’s Ground Zero, Sunda Kelapa Harbor, Syahbandar Tower, Museum Bahari, and newly revitalized Kerta Niaga Building.

If you think walking under the not-so-friendly sun is lame, think again. HET can’t get more excited to discuss about the stories behind every site with our guide and fellow walkers. Their route was pretty atypical – it is certainly not what comes first in your mind when you hear “Kota Tua” – and that’s exactly where the fun are.

We started at 9 in the morning as we gather in Fatahillah Museum and ended our journey in OLVEH Building at noon. After a tiring-yet-fun tour, we spend some time in OLVEH Building to go for souvenirs sold in OLVEH Markt. As refreshed as it sounds, we are indulged in live music, free tarts, and refreshments from WRP.

To enter walking tour, you just need to check their schedule on Instagram @jkt.goodguide or visit Semasa di Kota Tua in OLVEH Building, 3rd floor. Just prepare your caps and sunscreen, pack your camera, and there you go. To be frank, history class has never felt so good before.



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