What Happened at Gubuk Asmara, Doesn’t Stay at Gubuk Asmara


Check out Gubuk Asmara, Klaklik’s latest webseries that got us hooked, featuring the lovely Michimomo.

After 6 months of progress that runs stably, Devi, the CEO, and her team who had established a brand new digital startup for dating application, are still thinking that their dating app has not reached the number of active users that they targeted. Since their business is new, there‚Äôs only 5 of them working and that also includes an intern. And so they did a discussion, thinking ’bout their lack of online promotion. Looking up for an investor, Devi found Andre, previously hired to be their marketing person.
A new spirit has just started as Gubuk Asmara now has a considerable funding support. Therefore, they feel like they need to re-brand their whole concept to attract more users. They came up with a new logo and new display. Here and there, they keep on facing problems. And to add the complications, Devi and Andre were involved in a relationship with each other. After a fought, Andre decided to resign.
What will happen to Gubuk Asmara, then? Checkout Klaklik’s Youtube channel to find out more.
Writer: Dela Naufalia Fitriani
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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