What Happened to Demi Lovato Post-Rehab?

The songstress started to show some updates on her social scene – for better or worse?

Lovatics or not, we’re definitely worried when the news about her heroine OD got spread – Demi always tried to spread positive message to the youth, and it would be a loss if she became another starlet defeated by drugs. After her 3-month rehab period had finished, Lovato was seen to be back on her normal rut again – traveled around Beverly Hills area.

The Frozen singer was seen heading to a popular sushi restaurant, Matsuhisa, in California together with fashion desinger Henry Levy. According to TMZ’s source, she looked joyful, as she let out some huge laughters at the affair.¬†Previously, she was also seen taking a walk in an unkown location with another friend.¬†Her mom, Dianna de la Garza, had stated her gratefulness on Lovato’s health condition after 90 days sober.

The drug abuse wasn’t Lovato’s only devil – six years ago she opened up on her struggle with alcoholism, depression, eating disorder and self-harm. Just listen to her recent hits, Sober, and you’ll understand. Yet she keeps on showing her willingness to fight the war. All the best for Demi Lovato!

Source: Global Radio



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