What Happened to Demi Lovato Post-Rehab?

The songstress started to show some updates on her social scene – for better or worse?

Lovatics or not, we’re definitely worried when the news about her heroine OD got spread – Demi always tried to spread positive message to the youth, and it would be a loss if she became another starlet defeated by drugs. After her 3-month rehab period had finished, Lovato was seen to be back on her normal rut again – traveled around Beverly Hills area.

The Frozen singer was seen heading to a popular sushi restaurant, Matsuhisa, in California together with fashion desinger Henry Levy. According to TMZ’s source, she looked joyful, as she let out some huge laughters at the affair. Previously, she was also seen taking a walk in an unkown location with another friend. Her mom, Dianna de la Garza, had stated her gratefulness on Lovato’s health condition after 90 days sober.

The drug abuse wasn’t Lovato’s only devil – six years ago she opened up on her struggle with alcoholism, depression, eating disorder and self-harm. Just listen to her recent hits, Sober, and you’ll understand. Yet she keeps on showing her willingness to fight the war. All the best for Demi Lovato!

Source: Global Radio



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