What It’s Like Being: A Sports Program Producer

Looking at the pace of how TV shows becomes more and more varied, a lot of people grow more interes in working in TV companies. To deliver one show, there are loads of people behind who are responsible of making it worth watching. In the sports department, there are always a lot of sports enthusiasts who share their thoughts into delivering a good show. And Mohammad Andica Haradi, or Dica, is doing his best to present a good program for viewers. Introducing the producer of Bein Sport, we are about to dig more about Dica.

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Tell us the story on how you reached the point of being sports TV producer.

“I started my career at Trans7 back in 2007. In 2013, I was involved in the sports division. After working years in Trans corp, I moved to Indosiar. Two years in Indosiar, I got appointed in entertainment division. I managed to handle concerts and other showbiz-related things. And just last year, I got a job at Bein Sport, a sports channel. Currently, I’m the producer of Premiere League, Champion League and La Liga.”

Many of those who are unaware of the job description, would you mind sharing to us you daily as a sports producer?

“I maintain the production flow, from the very beginning to the end. Including the preparations behind it, from the live studio to the review of the match.”

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Pretty sure a lot of guys out there would love to be in your shoes. Have you always been a sports fanatic?

“I like sports since I was kid, especially football. And when I got my first job, I was in charge of sports division. I started to grow more enthusiasm for football during my elementary school. I often played football with my neighbors and school friends. I was even a student in a football school. I’ve always had a huge interest and passion in football. In my opinion, football is fun and it has a deeper meaning more than just a sports. It taught me many values of life. The reason why I registered myself to football school years ago because I want to feel the joy of playing, I didn’t choose it as my career path, though.”

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Share us more about broadcasting then, did you also study them or you developed more knowledge through your working years?

“I went to a television and design school in NEXT Academy Jakarta. Same as sports, I have a big curiosity in that field. Just so you know, I’m more visual kind of person. Back then, there wasn’t as many options like now for broadcasting major graduates, but I love to discover new things. I was always an active kid, I love watching instead of just reading. Although working in a broadcasting company improved my love towards reading, because reading helps me to hone my writing skill for reportage and magazine articles. It has shaped me to be a better journalist.”

We heard that you are a jersey collector. Since when and how many have you got so far?

“I am. After my first job, I didn’t know exactly what to spend with my salary. Just because I am crazy for football, I started to collect football jerseys. But some of them were given by people behind the field. But my ultimate favorite jersey is Indonesia National Team in 1997. It was Ansyari Lubis’. The story behind this was a little bit funny. Though I was the ball boy for Pelita Jaya, Ansyari’s past football club, but I got his jersey when I worked as sports jounalist few years ago. I have more emotional bond for the local football scene.”

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What are the ups and downs as a producer?

“Not enough time to build a bigger content. It is exhausting, working pace wise.”

“I have to push myself in order to deliver a high quality program and dedicate a lot of time for that. It’s all paid off once we reach a high rating sharing – that means viewers like the program. I also have to do a lot of readings to find new ideas, to avoid being stuck for too long. I read a lot of and travel to gain new inspirations. Meeting new people or talking to your friends can give you new insights. As simple as that.”

Beside sports, what’s your other interest?

“Photography! I got my father’s camera and I’m currently loving to snap many pictures. Most of them are family pictures. Lately, I began to do it also for professional reasons.”

What is your memorable moment as a sports producer so far?

“In 2013, I was sent to England for Premiere League. Because sports isn’t just a sports in England, it’s part of the culture.”

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Thoughts on Indonesian football scene?

“I just hope that the government provides more access for sports for the entire community. And it’s not only for football, but other sports. I wish they would provide a lot more of sport facilities in Indonesia. An affordable one, if possible.”

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographers: Mario Bully and Iqbal Syafei
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
MUA: Nadia Renata
Digital Imaging: Sandy Aulia
Wardrobe: KOMMA, Brand Revolution, and HSTLR, all available at TheFThing.com
Location: Monas, Jakarta

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