What Makes Earth Signs Stressed?

Earth signs are strong-minded people. They are loyal, stable and would stick with people in need. But sometimes they can be materialistic or too focused on the surface of things to dig into the depths.


Earth signs:
  • Taurus
The reliable and dependable Taurus might get their pressure up because of new big changes that are happening with their life. For example swapping jobs, it’s not the letting go that makes them scream, but the new adjustment they need to make. The idea of failing and lots of fuss will give you an extra burden to your mind
Keep the strict area of your life on track, such as sleeping, exercise, and diet. Make a slow and conscious effort to cut your stress, as small as breathing exercise. Cleanse your thought also your body to feel less stress.
  • Virgo
Virgos find emotions messy and abstract. They usually bottle it up, and oh my, that’s not good. When it’s stuck and full, Virgo will respond by becoming ill, both physically and mentally.
Well, you need to let loose and let others help you. Stop worrying to every bits of the core. Since you are very critical, your eye may be useful for other profession that demands perfection. You will find benefit in communicating with your closest friend and family.  Find yourself a strong support system. Exercise a bit to relieve your muscles and joints, which are indications of stress.
  • Capricorn
You are ambitious and it’s okay. But still you have got to chill. Normally generous and moderate, they can turn ruthless when under stress and step over bodies to gain the end goal. Working 24/7 is like breathing to them, and they don’t know when they actually need a bit of fun.
Good diet will keep you healthy, body and mind. Meals contain much greens, avocados, soup and vegetables will help to adjust your metabolism for those hectic days. Press the pause button once in a while. Doing yoga might also help.

Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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