What Makes Fire Signs Stress and How to Relieve Them?

Are you a fire sign? Been feeling tired and stressed-out lately? Here are some tips for you to learn more about what cause your stress and how to get out of it.



Source of stress:
Stubborn Aries tends to think others can do as good a job as themselves in such short frame of time. This create stress for them because they will end up with too much on their plate. When stressed, they scattered and unable to make decisions. They get burnt out by the burden, stressed, irritable, gloomy and aggressive.

Relievers :
Physical activities such as exercising, gardening, traveling, running are perfect stress relievers for Aries. Book yourself a ticket to your favorite place and have a short gateway to let you back on track. Keep hydrated to maintain your health condition as well.

Source of stress:
Leo wants to be relevant and noticed by people around them. Their stress can emerge when they feel their talents superseded, no longer up to date, faded beauty or capability. They will act desperately to regain their position at the center of attentions.

The dramatic Leo will need calming food and drinks to relieve their stress. Drink some herbal tea to keep your temper in check, and exercise regularly will also help a lot. Meditate will help you regain your calmness.

Source of stress:
Sagittarius’ stress is usually caused by jumping from situation to situation without taking responsibility for anything. Your usual happy-go-lucky demeanor can take a toll on you when you are under the spotlight of continuous scrutiny. You will also feel stress if you think your life have no meaning or purpose.

You need to calm your mind and heart – yoga and meditation will help you cope with that. Exploring new stuff is always a good way to start, find new friends, try new food and stay active.
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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