What the Stars are Saying ’bout Your Choice of Coffee

Ever wander into some coffee shop and second guessing what to get as you step closer to the counter? Especially in the morning , when we barely even function and in desperate need of caffeine. Fortunately, you can count on the stars on what type of coffee to drink in the morning.


Aries – Latte Macchiato
As the first sign, you have a strong ambition to be number one and that’s why Macchiato suits you best. With a strong sip of espresso will kick your spirit first thing to the roof, and the milk to balance it out.
Taurus – Mocha
Since you got a sweet tooth but doesn’t change the need for caffeine , the perfect cup to order is Mocha. The perfect blend of coffee and choco will fit your tastebuds like a glove also wake you up.
Gemini – Seasonal Latte
You are someone that is always on trend and eager to try new exciting things happening in the world. From pumpkin spice , peppermint mocha, birthday latte , tropical drink, all of ‘em is definitely your mojo.
Cancer – In House Special
Cancer are known to be loyal and compassionate, you love a homey vibe and creates it wherever you go. With your ever changing mood, a in-house special will do perfect for your taste , because you can take it however you want.
Leo – Cortado
Since you are the cosmic king/queen of fierce, you will have the strong yet trendy drink of the current. The Cortado is espresso cut with a small amount of steamed milk and just enough for your taste and wake you up in the morning.
Virgo – Black Coffee
You are focused, to the point and give no nonsense, just like black coffee. Its reliable, unpretentious and do best what coffee are meant to do.
Libra – Vanilla Latte
A simple sweet drink such as Vanilla latte is just up your alley. It matches your warm, easy going and charming personality.
Scorpio – Ristretto
This is an espresso shot with half the amount of water. Yes, it is indeed very dark and complex just like you.
Sagittarius – Cappuccino
Cappuccino screams Italy right up and you love to be taken into a journey into a foreign land. A cup of cappuccino with its thick foam will transport you right through and obviously wake you up.
Capricorn – Latte
You are organized and practical. Your determination in everything you do is always on point and latte is the perfect sidekick to help you start your day. Not to mention the impressive latte art that gives you pleasure just by looking at it.
Aquarius – Cold Brew Coffee
An inventive and visionary Aquarius would love something new and improved. That sounds so much like Cold Brew Coffee which is  the better version of your usual iced coffee.
Pisces – Caramel Macchiato
You love to have a little sweetness to kick off your day and continue dreaming. But dreaming cant get you anywhere so you need something to keep you grounded like espresso.
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim


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