What to Do If Your Friends Dislike Your Partner

In this period of life, we’ll meet a lot of people for a reason, either they’re going to be a blessing or a lesson. And it could happen to you where the best people you found around just don’t match with each other, just like your friends and your partner.

Then what happens when both of your best worlds clash with each other? Here are what you should do when the war is already at stake:
  • Tell your partner about it
Communication is the paramount in relationship, so try to have an open conversation with your s/o about this. Focus on what and how within the talks, maybe it’s a matter how both of them view things differently. Find things that can be changed to improve the relationship between them.
  • Listen to your friends’ views
Maybe you’re just blindly in love with your partner that you can see things the way they do, but maybe they just feel overprotective to you too. So, try to talk to them the same way that you did to your partner, explore on how they don’t match with each other.
  • Know how to filter
Not everyone are two peas that don’t belong in one pod. Then what you need to learn from this situation is how to filter the situation to make both of them work. Learn on what or which events that you need to include or exclude your friends or partner at.
  • Figure out which one is important
Like we said earlier, not everyone can stand each other, they may have two completely different lives with each other, and if that’s the case,  It’s really all about what’s important to you and what will make navigating all your relationships easier.
At the end of the day, both of them are important people to you, so keeping the balance relationship between both of them is the main key to get the fruit from both of them, right?
Source: insider, elitedaily
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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