What to do When You’re Having a Panic Attack

Panic attacks are intense and it comes before you know it. It comes with surges of fear, anxiety, and many experience trouble with breathing as well. But what to do when it comes and attacks you?

Panic attacks are scary and can come on any minutes, so if you happen to witness one you need to follow these steps and help to stop the panic attack

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  1. Deep breathe
Finding it hard to breathe or you find yourself hyperventilating, than it means you’re having a panic attack. If so, you must try to focus yourself on taking a deep breath, breathe in for a count of four, hold for a second then breathe out. deep breathing can reduce the symptoms before it’s going worse.
  1. Find a distraction
Find a distraction can help you calm yourself, pick one object in clear sight and focus all of your energy on this object as you try to control your breath. If it doesn’t work, try to distract yourself by talking to a friend, call someone and get your head focus on this person and escape yourself from this attack.
  1. Picture a happy place
When you’re having a panic attack, your muscles will become tense and somewhat makes you suffocated. Hence, after you do the other two above, calm yourself with your own imagination, think about things that make you happy and definitely, relax.
  1. Take five
If you’re in the middle of panic attack and it’s so hard to even speak, you can take five to manipulate your brain. Look around the room and find five different things of a certain color, listen to four different sounds around you, touch three textures, smell two things, and taste one thing. This process can push your brain to get back to the ground and “restarts” itself.
If you manage to escape from the attack, write things that trigger the attack and track your progress by doing the steps because it can help you to get used to your factors and woo the attack away.
Source: verywellmind and healthline
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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