What You’re Waiting For: Z-Girls

Z-Girls is a group under Zenith Media Contents created through audition that was held in seven different countries. Consisted of seven talents from different countries with the following members: Vanya from Indonesia, Carlyn from the Philippines, Bell from Thailand, Priyanka from India, Queen from Vietnam, Joanne from Taiwan, and Mahiro from Japan.

The girls have successfully debuted through their showcase, Z-POP Dream Live on February 23rd with their debut song What You Waiting For and currently promoting their second single, Streets of Gold. The girls are now back in Korea to prepare for their next single, but before that they made a quick visit to Indonesia for a showcase and to have a little chat with Letter F.

Can you tell us more about Z-Girls? We understand that it’s part of the agency’s Z-POP Dream Project, tell us more about it? How did you guys meet for the first time?
Vanya: “Each of us went an audition in each of our country. And after the final selection, we met each other for the first time. It was really fun because we worked together and did everything together from the start, so we grew close to be family.”

“Z-POP Dream is actually a global project that aims to connect many countries through music. So, we’re a Z-POP and we’re a diverse group called Z-Girls and the meaning behind our name is because all of us are the representatives of the Generation Z, meaning that all of us are born after 1995.”

Could you share us your singing and dancing routine—how many times do you girls train on weekly basis? And what is the hardest dance style or singing note?
Priyanka: “To be honest, we practice every single day and sometimes we do get a day off on Sundays when we don’t have any showcases to do nor schedules.”
Share us about your own favorite song and why? And who is your role model in the business?

Streets of Gold, it is a song about that wonderful feeling when we’re in love. It shows off Z-Girls’ vocals and the song is so fun and bright, so we’d like to recommend the song for your summer playlist.”

Joanne: “As for role model, I’ve been watching Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon for a long time, so she’s my role model.”
Vanya: “For me, my role model is Red Velvet. We shared the same stage with them and other groups like Rain, Monsta X, and APink, and after watching them live we were left in awe.”
What is the best thing of being a Z-Girl?
Priyanka: “I like our diversity the most, because we come from different countries, we can learn about one another’s culture better. And it’s fun to learn new languages.”
Bell: “For me, being an idol has always been my dream. And what I really like the most is that, the girls are so kind to me, we’re always having fun. What I’m grateful the most is having to share the same dream.”

“I think we think alike. That’s why the differences don’t really matter, they make me feel comfortable being around them, especially when we’re on stage so I’m so grateful to have them.”

Carlyn: “We respect each other’s differences and we always talk about all of our problems to have a better communication. On top of them all, the main advantage of being in this group is that we have new sisters, it’s really fun to have them on my sides because we have the same dream so it’s fun to reach it together with them.”
Vanya: “Carlyn and I had debuted before in each of our own country. Beforehand, I bonded with girls who share the same language, so it was definitely much easier. But in Z-Girls, we took times to understand each other because there are six languages in the group, surprisingly we did really well. We had so many episodes where we recognized the similarities between our cultures and languages.”

“Definitely finding new sisters in the group. Also, some of our members have debuted before so when we gathered, they helped us a lot with singing and dancing. I was a mere student before I joined the group, I dreamed of becoming an idol and now I’m being blessed with new sisters to help me along the way.”

So what’s next for Z-Girls in the future?
Carlyn: “Having a concert in the Philippines last September, it’s one of the biggest venue in Asia, Philippines Arena. Sharing the stage with many big artists such as, AB6IX, Sandara Park, Park Bom, Mamamoo, and WINNER,. Our goal is to make our songs more well known, to become an inspiration and definitely become the cultural bridge through our songs. The goal of our group is to connect Asia with our music so we want to make it happen.”
KPOP is really booming right now and safe to say that it is the spotlight in every country. In Indonesia, you have a very strong fan base as well. What do you think about that? And what do you want to say to your Indonesian fans?

“To our GalaxZ, thank you so much for taking some of your time to support and shower us with your love, keeping us company during our busy schedule. We feel incredibly touched and loved by your support, thank you so much. Your support makes us want to work even harder than before.”


“First of all, I’d like to say to every GalaxZ out there, thank you so much for your love and support, because of you guys we can perform in many different places and we can have an encore. We hope that you’ll keep supporting us so that we can perform in your country again soon. Also, we hope that we inspire you guys to chase your dreams.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin

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