Whatever Your Holiday Preferences, Here’s Our Most Instagrammable Picks!

Holiday may come to an end, but do you want to make lasting memories in your social media feeds? Here’s our recommendations!

Cultural Destinations: Holi Festival

Long before ‘color run’ was cool, Indians are already master the arts of celebrating in colors! Holi, of The Festival of Colours, is the nationwide party in order to welcome the spring. Of course tourists are welcome to join in the color-throwing affair.


Natural Destinations: Natron Lake, Tanzania

Wonders of nature sometimes amazes us while give out the shiver. Here’s a natural phenomenon, a salt-and-soda lake in northern Tanzania, whose pH and alkalinity are enough to burn anything that try to swim in it. The toxic red is just dope!


City Destination: Rua Luis de Camoes, Portugal 

Leave it to the Portuguese to live up the true meaning of relax strolling in the afternoon. You can try wind down from all the hullabaloo of life by strolling in this cute little street, surrounded by little shops for a little window shopping.


Source: iNews.id

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