Why You Mustn’t Sleep During Airplane Takeoff and Landing

While boarding a flight, some people have intended to spend time paying for their lack of sleep. One goal, you get to the destination in a state of freshness, and ready to continue the activity. However, the problem is not that simple.

Sleeping in a plane is not always safe and comfortable, especially if done when the plane takes off or landing. According to MedlinePlus site, owned by the National Library of Medicine, fell asleep at these two moments increasing various risks, including injury to the ear.
This can happen because the air pressure inside the aircraft cabin changes drastically during takeoff and landing. “Changes in height in a fast time affect the air pressure in the ear. This results in a vacuum on the Eustachian tube, making the ears feel clogged and inaudible,” explained British pharmacist Angela Chalmers.
That is why, some airlines distribute drinks or sweets so that passengers carry out swallowing or chewing activities, to keep the ear canal opens. These two things certainly cannot be done while sleeping.
Source: V Radio

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