Why You Need to be Grateful to Your Furry Friends

There’s something comforting about coming home to your four legged soul mates.  Their happy face and their waggle tails as they greet you by the door never failed to put a smile on your face after a long tiring day. The small kisses and bites would always bring the best feeling in the world. This kind of happiness is the purest thing you could ever asked from a living creature, and they’re from your furry friends.

Raising a pet is like raising a baby, since you need to think thoroughly about their food, water, and their sanitation as well, that is why pet owners have to spare a lot of their times who are truly demanding by nature. However having a pet can boost the positive side of you and increase the quality of your life, hence that is why keeping a pet is often suggested for people to keep their sanity alive. Love, compassion, and gratitude are not the only things they teach you about, here are another seven things that will make you feel grateful about your pets;
  1. They get rid of your loneliness
Sometimes you might feel like a lonely petunia in an onion patch and that’s definitely not your fault. Loneliness can hit you anytime, and to heal that you need someone to show you love and affection, however not everyone are accompanied with their loved ones, and that is why your pets are the only source of strength to get rid of your loneliness.
  1. They make you be more affectionate
Pets crave for your love, hence having them around will definitely teach you on how to get yourself accustomed to show your affections. First they will ask for your attention and once you do, you will eventually give them more than they asked and that’s how they make you become more affectionate.
  1. They lift up your moods
Honestly speaking, who doesn’t get their heart melted when your pets giving you kisses and some love bites? Animals can sense the moods and the changes of your aura, they might not speak the same language with us, but they do listen to your emotions by their senses. Humans were born with neurotransmitter in their brain that is called by dopamine, which is a hormone that is produced when you feel pleasure and happiness, this hormones often released when you’re hanging out with your furry friends.
  1. They help you building your self esteem
Having a pet can be identified as having “someone” to talk to, be honest to yourself, sometimes or most of the times it feels relieving to talk about a lot of things without being judged and disturbed right? Although they may not the best listeners at all, talking to your pets will become the process on speaking out your minds and it will eventually get you to be more open to someone else.
  1. They help you develop a stronger mental stability
Love beat out depression, so does your pet. Stroking your pet, or watching your pets swimming inside their pond can help you release serotonin and dopamine inside your brain. These important chemicals and neurotransmitters will give you the feeling of calmness, peaceful and happiness. Every animals have their own behaviors and keeping up with their personalities will teach you on how to appreciate every little thing about them, and that will help you develop a stronger mental stability.
  1. They teach you to love yourself
Pets love you more than they love themselves that is for sure. Pets can help you rise back from the ashes with their unconditional love by the way they make you feel loved and needed. They promote their endless compassion to you and it will eventually grow on you. People with pets have a tendency to be happier than someone who doesn’t have pets. The feeling of needed that they give to their owners indirectly telling them how much their owners mean to them, and how much someone means the world to someone else.  Through this kind of love, people with pets will be learned on how to love themselves more than before.
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim


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