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Though in nature, men and women live side by side, it is apparent that the world tends to be patriarchal. Society dictates about women being the second class, it was not after the women empowerment revolution circa its first wave feminism in 1968. In Indonesia, women are being empowered since the Kartini era and has been consistently commemorated ever since. As one of the in-house brands, LOVO launched its Kartini collection to empower girl power via its fashion design.

LOVO encourages women to be content with themselves, challenges them to bend the double standards. The brand aims to empower the woman who wears it to walk with character, confidence, and compassion. We interviewed Nina, Cindy, and Melina, the three women of LOVO to represent the brand. Interpreting LOVO’s motto, “Because I’m a woman”.

Who’s your female role model growing up?
Cindy: “Actually when we talk about role models, there’s a lot of candidates coming to mind. But I’d say Alicia Vikander, Nana Mirdad, and also Amber Heard –they each inspire me to be strong and confident. I’ve learned that confidence and self-esteem are very important in order to achieve our goals.”
Nina: “The one whom I really look up to growing up is, of course, my mother. Because she shows me how to be independent, how to be kind and most importantly she has shown me how to be the best version of myself.”
Melina: “I would say Negin Mirsalehi, because she has a strong dedication towards her work and social life. Not only does she pay attention to her social, personal, but as well as her company’s wellbeing.”
Favorite girl band growing up—do you have one?
Cindy: “Recently, I kind of love BLACKPINK. Besides their unique songs, I love their sense of fashion. Each of the member can show their characteristics through the looks.”
Nina: “My fave girl band is Spice Girls, especially the song ‘Wanna Be’.”
Melina: “TLC. My favorite song is Waterfalls, oldie but goodie.”
Aside from your mother, who is your female idol?

Cindy: “My grandmother, one of the most generous and humble women I’ve ever known! She taught me to always be kind to everyone, to bring positive influence to our surrounding, and most of all: be a woman of quality.”

Nina: “One of my female idols is Malala Yousafzai., it’s her courage to fight for women’s rights for education and freedom amazes me.”

Melina: “My mom always told me that beauty without brain is pointless. For me personally, I think the most interesting thing about a woman is their intelligence like Maudy Ayunda. She pursues her career from such a young age and she’s a high achiever in both her career as well as her academic path.”

The thing about having a female bestie is…
Cindy: “She will always be there for you no matter what you’re going through. We can share secrets, dilemma, and nobody else will give you an advice as sound as your female bestie! She knows you inside out. You can depend on her. She loves you for who you are. You can be yourself around her and not be judged at all. She’s a constant support. And of course, there’s no escaping the jokes!”
Nina: “I can stay true to myself while simultaneously being the craziest version of myself and no one will judge because we are exactly the same.”
Melina: “It’s a blessing, I would say. Because having a female bestie means you can share your personal emotions, secrets and heartfelt conversations. It’s just nice to have someone that has the same level of perspectives and emotions, vibing the same frequency.”
Now what about the greatest thing about having a sister?
Cindy: “I got 2 sisters, having them in my life is one of the best gifts in my life. You act silly with them in public and couldn’t care less about what people think. We are also protective with each other. Plus, siblings always give the best unfiltered advices. Sharing fashion items as well, bestest friends since day one.”
Nina: “Having a sister means you will always have someone to count on, and someone who will never leave you whatever the situation is and can accept you no matter what. They will permanently be your best friend, your shopping partner, and your biggest support system.”
Melina: “Having a sister is, I would say, there’s always someone who can listen to your nonsense jokes. Because we grow up together, meaning no matter what—we’re bound to stand by each other you through thick and thins situations.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
MUA: Nadia Renata
Stylist: Salsabila Sari and Valen Tamara
Wardrobe by LOVO, available at The F Thing

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