You Won’t Believe These 5 Beautiful Countries Without Airports!

Traveling here, traveling there. Even the sound of ‘traveling’ makes us happy. We can fly and visit another countries in a blink of an eye with airplanes –  but what if the country doesn’t have airport to welcome you? Yet the question is, are there countries that don’t have airports in their lands? The answer is yes, lads. Now sit and look pretty because you’ll find these five countries beautiful despite the lack of air transportation.


Listed as the one of smallest countries in Europe, Andorra is flanked by Spain and France. The nearest airport will be in Barcelona, Spain, and Toulouse, France, and then you take another three hours through land before you step your foot in Andorra. It takes a lot of effort but, doesn’t the country look so breathtakingly beautiful to visit?


Located between Swiss and Austria, this country is surrounded by the Alps. You can reach Liechtenstein by car from the mentioned countries before. But the nearest one is St. Gallen Aiport in Swiss, and it takes around 30 miles before you take a look at the dazzling view the country has.


Maybe you’ll be surprised to know that this country, that often hosts Grand Prix, hasn’t have its own airport. As the second smallest country in the world, Monaco has 36.371 population – it’s big enough of population for a small country. It’s sometimes dubbed as a city-state because of that fact.

San Marino

As a micro-country that’s surrounded by Italy, San Marino has a very stunning view. With only 61 square kilometers area, the country is  unique because it doesn’t have its own beach and a dense forest. Yet the old buildings and vintage schemes around the country make it worth it to fly the nearest airport and drive your vehicle all along the way.


It’s no surprise that Vatican holds the title of the smallest country in the world, because it’s only about 44 hectares area with 840 populations. The country is known best for its spiritual tourism. Surrounded by Rome, Italy, the country doesn’t have any main road, even more airport. But still, you can reach the country through Italy and it will give you a spiritual experience.


Source: Mister Aladin



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