Working on a New Album, Rihanna Rent an Island with Luxury Facilities

Rihanna is working on her latest album in England. To liven the mood during the making of the song, she chose to work on an island.

The singer of Diamonds hired Osea Island in Essex, England. As reported by Mirror, the island’s rental price is very expensive, for a day she spent IDR 361 M. On the island, Rihanna gets super complete and luxurious facilities. She’s able to enjoy the gym, cinema, swimming pool and much more on her own. Not only for work, Rihanna also brought her family to vacay and enjoy the island. It seems that she wants to avoid stress during the process of cultivating the album.
Regarding the album, Rihanna had previously given a leak. She leaked album names and reggae music of her own arrangements. “I would call it possible, because (my fans) have been haunting me with ‘R9, R9, when did R9 come out?’ How I can get the name out of my head,” she said.
Source: iNews

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