World’s Most Dangerous Travel Destinations – We Dare You!

One of the triggers of traveling for some people is curiosity. That’s why people are stepping their feet to these unthinkable destinations. How about you?


1. Chernobyl

It’s definitely not an environment for tourism, as the radioactive-laden area had changed its more than 100,000 into refugees. Yet quirky enough, the ghost town is now a ‘niche’ travel destinations as it has attracted visitors from worldwide.



2. Paradise

Are you that cold-blooded person who’s always feel great when others are shivering in cold? Paradise (located in Washington, USA) in the winter is your winter wonderland, then. Regarded as one of the worlds’ most snowiest places, you can drown in its 16-meter layer of snow.



3. Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha, a British island, is the world’s remotest place so far.  No restaurant, hotel, resort, or other mainstream tourist facilities – even to reach the island, one must embark on a 7-day trip by ship (no plane and airport!). Okay, you can inform your introvert friends now, they might want to go there for the summer!



4. Dallol

Dallol in Ethiopia has this surreal, magnificent view , but the high temperature may give you heatstroke. Its always more than 34 Celcius degree all year round.

5. Chimborazo Moumtain

Yes, okay, Everest is the ‘holy grail’ for hiking-heads out there – but do you know, actually Ecuador’s Chimboranzo is the highest peak in the world (if you count it from earth’s center). It takes two weeks only to reach its top. So if you’re really into it, there’s the latest addition to your bucket list.


Source: Okezone

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