The World’s Most Spiritual Places

If blasting mainstream holiday pictures on your Instagram don’t suit your personality, try to take a more hipster route.

The world is full of sacred destinations reveled by people from ancestral era and they remain the same to this day, with unforgettable spiritual ambiances. Here’s our picks of the world’s most surreal places.

  • Camino de Santiago (Spain)
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    Santiago de Compostela is a long route of pilgrimage since the 9th It is said to be the very route taken by the early Christians as they brought the body of St James from Santiago up to Jerusalem, walking. Until this day, pilgrims are still taking the route to St. James’ tomb (also by foot) to explore the real meaning of spiritual journey.
  • Easter Island (Chile)

    It’s one the most remote places on earth, yet most sought after by adventurers. Gigantic Moai statues are standing since the day of the ancestors, as the paid homage to the spirits. A stroll around the Moai statues is definitely a walk to remember (there are around 900 of them today)
  • Mauna Kea (Hawaii)
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    Mauna Kea is more than just a mountain for Hawaii people – it’s the umbilical cord that connects the land to the gods. Venture yourself into the Pacific to watch this magnificent and magical nature-meet-culture site.
  • Kailash Mountain (Tibet)
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    If you’re into spiritual adventures, then Tibet must already be on your bucket list, right? The spectacular Mount Kailash is a respected site for four religions: Bons, Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Every year, the mountain dwellers are having a Kora Rite, in which they circle around the mountain, as they believe it can wipe their bad karma of a lifetime.


Photos courtesy of Pexels, Camino del Santiago, Hawaii & Ancient Explorers

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