Worldwide Trending Topic: #NotMyAriel

NotMyAriel rised up on worldwide trending topic shortly after the announcement made by Disney Studios.

On July 4th, Disney introduced Halle Bailey as the one who will be playing the role of Princess Ariel on their Twitter account (@disneystudios). And needless to say, the announcement just broke the internet into pieces.
The hashtag #NotMyAriel then skyrocketed to the worldwide trend on Twitter shortly after the news. Mainly caused by choosing someone that has zero resemblances with the red headed-blue eyes-mermaid, the most crucial role of the movie.However, despite the rage and the disappointments of the fans, Disney still made it clear that the cast is chosen through a colorblind casting technique, necessarily to get the perfect actors for each role.
The movie is solely written based on Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale is firstly brought to the screen back in 1989. The folklore tells about a red-headed mermaid princess who longs to be where the people are, certainly after meeting the love of her life that happened to be a human. Turning the childhood’s dreams of many into a reality, the Little Mermaid Live Action is going to be under way on April 2020 and will be directed by Mary Poppins Returns’ director, Rob Marshall, whilst the script will be written by David Magee.
Source: Variety

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