Yang Lagi Hits: UK’s Drill Music

Kalau dirunut, asal mula sub-genre rap yang paling populer ini, drill, ada dua versi: versi pertama dari US dimulai di South Side Chicago di awal 2010an dan sangat identik dengan konten dan beat yang dark dan lirik yang nihilistic. Versi kedua terjadi di awal 2012 di area Brixton, London. Jadi sebenarnya darimana, nih?

Berdasarkan kutipan dari David Drake – Complex, drill itu nggak berdasarkan gaya produksi tertentu, tapi lebih soal “entirety of the culture: the lingo, the dances, the mentality, and the music, much of which originated in the Woodlawn neighboorhood of Dro City”. Drill, dalam bahasa slang sendiri, berarti to fight or to retaliate. And despite where it all began, UK drill music is heavily related to road rap, a British style of gangsta rap. Dan bahkan dalam komunitas Inggris sendiri ada perdebatan apakah disebut drill atau “the new grime”, karena berbeda dengan US’ drill music, UK’s drill is more influenced by earlier Brit music genres like grime and UK garage. Nowadays, it has entered the third phase, according to Vice UK.

“Drake’s December 2019 drill track “War” and Travis Scott and Pop Smoke’s “GATTI” were both produced by London drill producer AXL Beats, showing UK drill’s burgeoning worldwide appeal. UK drill has moved from the peripheries of urban music to a central UK sound. It’s difficult to predict where the genre will go next, but given the huge impact it’s had in such a short time, it seems the only way is up. Whatever your take on the Headie album, make no mistake – the genre is evolving once again.”

And we have top 4 drill music that you need to check out, to get familiar with UK drill music scene:
  • “Rain” by Aitch & AJ Tracey

Cuh, when we run down, it’s rain
Right wrist and left wrist, that’s rain
She said, “Wagwan, what’s going on?”
“Why am I wet?” Gyal, that’s rain
Cuh, when we run down, it’s rain
Right wrist and left wrist, that’s rain
She said, “Wagwan, what’s going on?”
“Why am I wet?” Gyal, that’s rain (yeah)
  • “Gang” by Headie One & Fred Again

Two months and I ain’t been home
I still say my Hail Mary when I break each O
Pops don’t know if I’m dead or alive
  • Unknown T- Fresh Home

Can’t believe that I’m locked with the lifers
I was on seg, not basic, segregated from all of my Niners
I’d never been jail but they caught man prior
You talk drill in a track, you’re a liar
I suggest that you go retire (jokemen)
Been a sec since I been on the curb
Come flip me a bird, I’m a rider (mm-hm)
Prison governors tried give me category A
Wait, but why? ‘Cause my face too bait

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