Yeezy’s Impressive Move on Its Newest Hijabi Model

The headliner, Kanye West made a very big move on his fashion line, Yeezy. The father of two who often called himself Yeezus, recently pointed a new model for his newest campaign, and this particular model is a women under a veil, or a hijabi.

Halima Aden, the lucky Muslim girl that is chosen as the new model for Yeezy is actually a finalist of Miss USA in November 2016 and also a student in St Cloud Minnesota. She’s overwhelmed with happiness when she’s asked about her big news with Kanye, she also mentioned it to People that it was unbelievable for her to be the hijabi model who walks on Kanye’s fashion show, moreover she got to meet him in person before the show.

“He’s undoubtedly kind and he even remembered my name! He was making sure I feel comfortable during the show!”
Source: Global Radio

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