Yoshi Sudarso: Blurring the Lines

Born in Indonesia, Yoshi and family moved to the United Stated in his early age. Struggled at first, Yoshi was able to adapt quickly and lived his life. He started it from commercials and now he is one of most promising actors out there. And Letter F is more than happy to be given the chance to interview both Yoshi as well as Peter back in August.

So you’re back here in Jakarta, both of you. We interviewed him awhile back, by the way.

“I’m actually here to do my first Indonesian feature, a movie titled Buffalo Boys. It’s really the first time that I got the part as well in Indonesian movie. It’s pretty exciting, as I got to play as a cowboy. That’s a lot of fun. Although I have been doing acting and stunt for a while, it’s always been more as a stunt. But nowadays I was going into acting more. Hopefully I can do more projects here in Indonesia.”

Reminiscing to the first time when you started off your career in the showbiz industry and now fast-forward, and you’re here. Share us the pros and cons between being an actor and a stunt performer.

“Stunt and acting are similar but also very different in a sense. Stunt is more dangerous, but it takes a lot of fun. And for me personally, I love it because it’s challenging and very rewarding. Though you don’t get the recognition that you would as an actor, which is fine by me, I don’t mind it at all.”

“I love creating movements which is the one that stunts do usually, to create a lot of movements. And you know, you work on a fight or sometimes dangerous fire stunts or the high falls for it. Whereas in acting, you get to create something a little bit different – you got to create, not just the movement but also the character, that you build with the writers and director. It’s a different kind of fun. You’d definitely be seen more of what you do (as an actor), but I find a lot of fun in both.”

“I have yet to decide on the specific career path, I’m still kind of blurring the line between two of them. You know, I’m just letting God take whatever He wants, and I’m just along with the rides. I don’t really know where will I end up.”

Now about the Power Rangers phase.

“I was one of the actor, I was the blue Ranger for Dino Charge which was filmed in 2014-2015. And then, we aired in 2015 and ended in 2016. It was a lot of fun and I got to play a hero that I’ve alywas looked up to, I guess in a sense. In terms of being an inspiration for kids of the generation now, which is kind of a cool thing, it’s not something that I thought what my life would be actually. And you know, it was kind of cool, too when I was in Pop-Con and I heard that they hadn’t seen a Power Ranger who’s Indonesian. It was kind of cool to see just how Indonesians were. That was a lot of fun doing the show, it was a long nine months filming. It was tiring at times, but very fruitful and very exciting at the same time. I got to learn a lot of stuff, a lot to do, and do a lot of my own action. I have stunt double as well, there were five of them. It was kind of cool that me, as stunt, has a double, too. And I got a lot to do my own action but never my own stunt, because it’s just too dangerous.”

“Yeah, I think Power Ranger is a really good stepping stone. It was like a good platform for me to start off and to grow my career. And I can’t be grateful enough for Power Ranger as a whole thing.”

But community and fanbase wise, we guess in here is pretty wide. Were you surprised by the response from the community?

“Yes definitely! The community here is very excitable, the fandom is big and they’re very passionate. I think they are excited to see not one, but two Power Rangers came out of Indonesia. And the fact that we are brothers, that was like a crazy thing. We are the first ever family to ever be in Power Rangers as actual characters. You know it’s kind of a cool thing after 25 years of Power Ranger that we were able to be the first of something. And that ‘first’ coming from Indonesia, like me and Peter. And seeing them all at the convention, at meet ups, and I even did the congress of Indonesian diaspora back then.”

“It was crazy, I wasn’t expecting that much attention because I don’t feel like anything big or whatever, but people were stopping me for photos and warming hugs. It was like hard to walk around by their reactions (laugh). It’s crazy, I mean I’m nobody. And people are excited about me is cool.”

Could you share us about your projects?

“So Buffalo Boys crews, they reached out and offered me the role and I was more than excited to jump on the opportunity. I always wanted to play a cowboy and this is a really cool story that I don’t think we’ve seen yet, which is a Western and Eastern setting. It’s kinda cool you know, where I guess trying things that are very different. Like I honestly dont know how Indonesians film works here usually. But I feel like this is something that really interesting, I  guess. So my character is Ario Bayu’s younger brother in the movie. I’m playing as his younger brother and we go on this journey and comeback to indonesia with a gun slinging and shoes. I learned Indonesian language again which turn out to be the toughest thing for me. Like the pronounciation and intonation, it’s learning to be fluent with it. But Ario Bayu is helping me with dialect, so it’s been pretty cool. And by the time goes by, I hope to be fluent, but no promises (laugh).”

“The movie itself is a Singaporean-Indonesian production. Mike Wiluan is the director and it’s his baby and he is the conceptor. I know some of the actors have been attached to the project for quite some time, like Pevita Pearce and Ario Bayu. I’m very new to this one, so I’m pretty excited. I’ve never really known of Indonesian production beside of The Raid because it obviously is a huge action film in a way in the States. I told Joe Taslim that this is something that I should do and he just said yes. I really respect his view and advice, so I took it without hestitation.”

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Vicky Melly
MUA: Nadia Renata
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Wardrobe: Legiteamate

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