You Are Good Enough, Start to Think About Yourself Differently

We often seek for people’s validation to feel that we are good enough, but what does actually make us feel so? Are we really good enough when people tell us so or are just belittling ourselves way too much that we can no longer feel confident about ourselves?

You are good enough, we–are good enough. That’s the thought that we need to remember whenever you feel the world is turning its back on us. We often compare ourselves to other people and forget that everyone shine differently–that we are special in our own way.
What it takes to remember your worth is by changing your set of mind, because your worst critic is yourself.
  • Stop putting all the pressure in your head
When you’re lost in a snowball of thoughts, you start to lose your faith in yourself and it’d be so hard to be positive while you’re in that state of mind. But you can actually stop that because it’s you who judge yourself, so when you start biting your nails and lost in your own misery, tell yourself that you’re not going that way. Block all the critics from your head and take a deep breath, because it’s just in your head.
  • List down the positive thoughts that you can think about
Take out your phone and write any situations or things that make you feel happy. Thus, when you feel uncertain, read your list again and try to absorb the memories back to your soul, if you let them in, it will only take minutes for your mind to change more positively.
  • Close your eyes and stop comparing ourselves with other people.
Comparing ourselves to other people is not a game that somebody can win, because there will always be someone that is better than us. Instead of comparing ourselves with other people, it’s better to compare ourselves with our old selves. See the achievements we’ve made, how many obstacles we’ve been through in life, and how strong we actually are.
These steps are the core thoughts in our deepest mind, and we can change them. It’s start from believing that we–you, are good enough.
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Source: psychologytoday

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