Young People, Be Aware of These 3 Health Scares!

Study shows that many health issues are most likely to happen to youngsters than their parents. The way you live and your upbringing might impact your physical and mental health.

Youngsters from the 60s, or nowadays probably your parents, won’t be suffering this kind of condition back when they are at your age. Here are some of the health and mental issues you might not be aware of:
  1. Sensitivity to Light
Some statistics show that nearly two in five millennials spend more than 9 hours a day using digital devices which cause the generation to a condition called ‘damaging blue light’. The large amount of time people are in front of a screen both for pleasure or work is not something our parents do back then and it sure is happening to us. One of the solutions is to wear blue-light glasses, or reduce your screen time.
  1. Hearing Loss

It’s a natural aftermath for consistently blasting podcasts and Spotify into your eardrums with tiny devices plugged into your ears. Our generations tend to blast our eardrums with full volume, and it’s crucial to consider hearing as a part of your overall health. Lower the sound of your earphone or plugs, and maybe do some unplugged times.
  1. Anxiety and Depression
Mental illness is not something new, it’s been among us for centuries since human learned how to judge. People who suffers from mental health often are considered outsider and they’re treated differently which makes them sunk even deeper in their depression. Social media helps spread it like a plague; it might surprise you how cruel people can be by just typing few ugly words to someone’s tweet or post. Society and sometimes parent’s stigma is one of the biggest mistake and disservices we are enduring in this generation. If someone is having anxiety problem and depression or maybe yourself, don’t hesitate to seek help.
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim


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