Your 2020 Lucky Fashion Items Based on Your Zodiacs

The year 2020 is fast approaching and in a month we will all face the uncertain future.

Are there any goals you might want to achieve next year? Each and every year, things always shift from bad to good. We all want to know what will happened to us in the future, from love, career, health, family and many other worldly things.
Powerful Mars running by Saturn are shining bright as it will help you achieve things fast. To prepare for the uncertainty we still need to be full of hope and spirits welcoming the new year. But worry not, for this beginning of the new era why don’t we help you look deeper into the relation between planets and their position who would influence your life a year ahead.
Capricorn  (22 Des – 19 Jan)
Important news here for all Capricorn that we’ve broken down:
Life : Combining the old with the new will make you more successful this year. Your perfectionism, ambitious, and highly practical  behaviours will guide you through the year with flying colors.
Love : Hey you single guys and gals, good news! New love is just around the corner and it will give you stability and security. Began searching through your inner circle.
Finance : Yes, you might suffer a minor bump this year but worry not since there are many opportunities coming your way. Don’t get pessimistic and pursue your goal while you can!
Lucky Fashion Items : Since you got some seriousness in your blood, dressing professionally suitable for you. Spend your money in modest styles to give you that sense of power and authority. Invest on a well-made Suit or White Crisp Shirt.
Health : Don’t pressure yourself to work too hard or you will easily get sick. So far you have no sick bugs clinging on you but regular check-up would do you better.
Aquarius (20 Jan – 18 Feb)
Here are some flow of your upcoming year break down in 5 category ,
Life : This is the year full of changes and challenges. Things might get unpredictable but you live for it! Freedom will be yours while chaos is still lurking behind and need to be watch out.
Love : 2020 is the year when you would feel romantic and charming than you usually do. If you don’t have any partner by then, it’s time to look around while if you are in a relationship lets don’t something spontaneous to spice your relationship up.
Finance : Be careful of debt. This year things you want and you need will surely be fulfilled but don’t be to comfortable and used up all your savings or worst.
Lucky Fashion Items : Classic stuff is what you love but you also love a statement pieces. Invest in large jewellery, printed garments or maybe skimpy ones because you are someone who cutting edge is their middle name.
Health :  If you have health issues you’ve been struggling with this is the year to make a decision about it. Don’t take too much risk and remember to stay healthy.
Pisces (19 Feb – 20 Mar)
Life : This year will be filled with shapes of illusion and you need to be watching your back. You will crave solitude to contemplate all life’s questions. Take a breather, it’s time to start all over again.
Love : 2020 will be better than the last as your social life flourish so does your love life. You are getting more optimistic which bound for people to be attracted to you.
Finance : Since you are not fully focus on money this year, money can come short for you this year. Manage your budget creatively so it doesn’t run out fast.
Lucky Fashion Items : Pisces are always stylish with a bit of flare and a must for comfort. You would look good in colors such as sky blue, khaki, green , all those nature color to make you feel like belong. Invest in linen material garments which not only stylish but also comfortable.
Health : Bad habits are coming back but we know you can handle those. Be persistent and it’s time to treat yourself better –  taking care of yourself.
Aries (21 Mar – 19 Apr)
Life : As always you are ready to conquer the world. Travel as much as you can as it will broaden your mind also give your life new meaning. This is the year for you to shine while all year you will be clouded with a major identity crisis. Find a purpose in life and believe in yourself a bit more.
Love : This will be a stabile year for your love department. While past years might been traumatic and crazy but not this year. Remember to think before you talk and don’t act impulsive you might regret it.
Finance : Spare those hard-earned cash if you don’t want to be broke. Check will be paid in full and spending for luxury will be fulfilled but remember to not over indulge.
Lucky Fashion Items : You are born masculine both female and male, so it is only fitting if you dress like one. Buy some unisex garments and the good news is you can share it with your partner without feeling any less fashionable.
Health : Spend more time in the nature, this will help you feel better both physically and mentally. Ditch the phone as your energy level will be shifting through the year.
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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