Your Disney Prince Based on Your Zodiac

Disney made the womenfolk long for their own white-horsed prince. From dozens of Disney fairy tales, we also know dozens of handsome princes who goes next to the princesses.

Starting from Prince Eric who made the beautiful mermaid, Ariel fell in love, to Prince Charming who escorted Cinderella to dance the night away. Who’s the Disney prince who fits you by zodiac? Find out now:
  1. Li Shang for Capricorns
Capricorn has a goal and needs to achieve it. They live by their partner’s ambitions as long as that ambition does not hinder their success. Capricorn will respect the perseverance and honor that Li Shang has.
  1. Prince Naveen for Aquarius’s
For Aquarius, a person’s charming side is the most important and deepest part of humanity. Prince Naveen has understood the meaning of life and humanity very well when he lived life as an amphibian. Aquarius will be stunned by him.
  1. Prince Phillip just right for Pisces’s
Prince Philip is the right partner for Pisces. His figure represents the ideal love concept for them. He is the type of man who is willing to fight dragons just for you.
  1. Aladdin is ready to take Aries’ explore the sky on a magic carpet
Adventure and courage is a big change for Aries’s. They are figures who want to get out and experience all the things life has to offer. A man with a magic carpet who’s going to take you to Egypt and Paris overnight is a dream for Aries’s. Aladdin is the perfect prince for them.
  1. Prince Charming for Taurus’s
Taurus wants a loving partner and can spoil them with a luxurious lifestyle. These two things can certainly be obtained from Prince Charming. The prince who made Cinderella fell in love is a true romantic figure. He is able to shower his partner with love if he finds a suitable one. Taurus, he is trying to find you.

  1. Kristoff for Geminis
Geminis like freedom, are very social, and like to meet new people. Their personality fits a lot with Kristoff. He is a unique Aquarius and likes to have fun.
  1. A Cancer needs a Prince Eric
Cancers have a shell that is hard enough to cover their hearts. It takes a prince who is willing to work hard to really understand their partner and destroy the shell, ready to pour out love, and give out security. All these things can be gotten from Prince Eric. Look at how handsome he conquered Ariel.
  1. Simba and Leo’s!
No Disney prince fits Leo’s except for Simba. Simba, who is an Aries has as much confidence as a Leo. He also did not hesitate to sacrifice for the people he loves.
  1. Flynn Rider / Eugene is the right pair for Virgos
Virgos need a partner who can make them laugh and feel loved. They need friends and spouses who can make them be realistic and appreciate the strength of Virgo. Flynn Rider or Eugene might not seem like the right choice for Virgo for the first time. But on the other hand, Eugene has a heart that is gentle and quick to understand other people.
  1. Beast / Prince Adam for Libras
Beast that has two sides of personality is definitely a Gemini. This makes him our perfect soulmate for a Libra. A Libra and Beast both understand each other and love each other differently. Although according to many people Gemini is a zodiac that is difficult to deal with, Libra will mostly feel comfortable with him.
  1. “The Prince” for Scorpios
Prince Florian of Snow White is a Cancer who will still love a Scorpio even though at first we’re being a hard to get for them. He will be able to compensate for our jealousy and protective nature.
  1. John Smith for Sagittarius
As a Sagittarius who seeks challenges, they also need to have a partner who can balance their love for it. A Gemini like John Smith is the perfect Disney Prince for Sagis. They both won’t be afraid to try new things that are outside their comfort zone.
Writer: Dela Naufalia Fitriani
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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