Your Friendly Next Door Neighbor, Tamangga

Being adamant on what you want in life and maintaining hard work are his hobby, and sure enough Angga Dwi Pratama reached his dream in being a singer. Tamangga, as he’s called, grew up in a family that is familiar to music, made the-21-year-old guy joined Idola Cilik.

As he grew older, he wanted to experience as many things as he can, and one of them is joining a boyband. In 2017, he joined a boyband audition by Global TV, The Next Boy/Girl Band season 1 but he unfortunately didn’t make it to the final. However, with his eagerness and determination, he made it to the lineup debut in the next season with other four finalists under one group called, XCITE. Through his journey as a boyband’s member, Angga met so many opportunities in the entertainment industry including landing a role in a TV series.

“I started singing since I was 5 because I know many musicians thanks to the side of my mom’s family, but I really got into singing since I was 9. I participated in a singing competition when I was 10, I feel comfortable in singing and it fits me so much.”

“I’ve always been singing and dancing since I was a kid, so I’d like to try something new, hence I decided to join the group.”

“The three of us come from different cities, Bandung, Medan and Jakarta. However, it wasn’t really hard to build the relationship. To maintain the communication, we often talk in the WhatsApp group and visit each other’s city sometimes whenever we have a days off. As we always do dancing and singing practice in Jakarta, we use the time to hang out and bond, so yeah it’s been good.”

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Stylist: Salsabila Sari
Wardrobe: Available at The F Thing

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