Your Go-to Bags for Your Weekend Getaway

So here’s the thing, weekend is created for you to have a relaxing day; and that means you have this short amount of time to enjoy a getaway. Go out of town, rent a villa on top of a hill, or maybe join an open trip to an island. So many things to do, so little time… you don’t have to pack a big luggage and toss everything inside it. For a two-days vacay, all you need is something you can carry everywhere. Here’s your guide for your weekend getaway bags.

Taylor Fine Goods’ Backpack

Pack your things up inside and ready to explore.

Taylor Fine Goods’ Pouch

To manage your toiletries.

Denali’s Waist Pack

The waist pack is the trend right now and you can put your small things inside.

SVH Official’s Tote Bag

This tote bag has an adjustable trap and you can make it as a cool sling bag.

All bags can be purchased at The F Thing.

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