Your Go-To Street Doctor: dr.Tirta

Growing up in Karanganyar, Solo, the following doctor majored in medical field during his uni years in University of Gadjah Mada and graduated in 2013. He had built his shoes cleaning service business Shoes and Care from scratch. Started as a small service for his college friends, today Shoes and Care has 14 branches throughout the country. Tirta has a big interest in shoes, his love for shoes eventually brought his senses up to the street fashion style as well. Coming to the Road to FutuRepublic as a speaker, Tirta is one of those people who likes to observe the street fashion and its development apart from being a doctor and a businessman.

Since you’re a doctor, there’s a stereotype on how the doctors should style themselves and as you obviously don’t follow the stereotype, what kind of style that influences you?
“They expected doctors would wear certain types of looks, however I wanted my patients to remember me for my own style, that’s what made me try to find my own fashion style. Compare to other doctors, I like to wear my chino pants and stussy t-shirt, somehow my fashion brought my patients feel closer to me. As for what kind of style that influences me the most, I feel like the Japanese streetwear. I often go to Japan and the way they dress on the street is what I like the most about them, the thing is they don’t mind with what others think about them, their styles are born from the street and that’s just like me in general. For me, streetwear is based on your own identity, I like to hang out on the streets, I built my business from the street as well, so I feel like it fits my identity the best.”
What do you think about the social media influencers’ roles in terms of the development of the local streetwear trend?
“The influence is so big, even though I came to the business as someone who works behind the scene—I am known for my Shoes and Care, but I’ve come to realize that personal branding is very important. When I tried to develop my personal branding, the responses turned out to be good.”

“I have a big interest in shoes, my opinion on them are somewhat respected by those who follow my accounts, and they trust my reviews. Little did I know that my reviews are actually making some impacts to the shoes sales—and to me, my followers are my responsibilities. The characters of consumers these days are that they have a tendency to find out more about some brands before making a purchase, and my reviews got what they’re looking for. And that’s what makes the “idol” figure is important and very influential, because they can lead some trends to their own followers.”

As you’re actually a doctor and a businessman, do you have any plans to return to work as a doctor in the future?
“Truth to be told, I built my business is to help sponsor myself in taking a specialist degree in medicine. However, it turned out that business requires a lot of your attention to succeed and it did, so if I am asked whether or not I’m going to come back to the medicine, I definitely will, but will I practice/have a career as one? I need to think about it first. The thing is, the common problem for doctors is to find a place to work with a proper salary, my goal in this field is to create an employment for doctors—either a clinic or an app related to medicines. I want to take advantages of my business knowledge to build something that is helpful for the fresh graduate doctors and to help them gain the experiences.”

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Location: Go-Work, Plaza Indonesia

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