ZARA’s All About Fries and Everything Nice?

The sweetest poison now is so not poisonous anymore, as Zara is bringing the guilty pleasure to you.

According to Glamour, this Spanish brand is currently working with the biggest fast food chain in the world, McDonald’s for their newest collection. They’re bringing the McDonald’s best menu onto their tshirt and sweater, with the iconic red and yellow logo, also the funny quotations about the fast food brand.
Compressing the gap between the gender, Zara is displaying the collection with the unisex clothes and they’re available in several sizes. For those who are interested to get them in your closet as soon as possible, you can get the tshirt for only GBP 15,99 or about Rp 290.589 while for the sweater you can get it for GBP 25,99 only or about Rp 472.026.
So if you’re on diet and you want the fries so bad, you can relax now and can get them printed on your shirt instead! What are you guys waiting for then?
Source: global radio  

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