Zedd x Katy Perry, Who’s Excited?

Releasing their first single together called 365,  the collaboration between Zedd and Katy Perry is very much awaited by KatyCats and Zedd’s fans.

The music video is directed by Warren Fu, and it’s telling a story about an android robot that is missing her human days after she met her human master that is played by Zedd himself. Taking the sci-fi concept, Katy is transformed into an android where she’s programmed to accompany her owner for 24/7.  As the song is talking about obsession, the android that she’s portraying begin to fall in love with her master and started to behave oddly which makes her being shut down in the end of the music video.
According to NME, Zedd mentioned that his collaboration with Katy went naturally as they have known each other since last summer where they did their Australian tour together.

So have you watched the music video?
Source: Global Radio

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