Zodiac as High-End Fashion Brand and Cars (Part 1)

A girl will lust over Chanel pearls and a guy might drool over an orange Lamborghini. Not trying to be materialistic but it seems like human always want the better class in things. You might not need it, but the inner thoughts might still bother you.


Lurking on social media what Burberry just show off on their Autumn/Winter 19 or go to an elite area where people are driving Red Ferraris. Let’s see… if we all have the money, what would you desire to buy most? Here some deets on what brands that suit your zodiac best!
Brand : Chanel
Car : Corvette Stingray
Arians are playful, young , confident and enthusiastic. You are also a trendsetter and your own boss. Your strong behavior makes you are just the girl to wear Chanel, with it’s empowered woman background matches you perfectly. And Male Aries will want to drive a flashy and sporty car such as a Corvette Stingray. It’s sleek and has lots of color option is just perfect.
Brand : Burberry
Car : Subaru
You are known for being dependent and reliable. You enjoy stability in life as much as giving stability to people around you. Yes, you do love luxury as much as stability that’s why Burberry is for you. Their iconic brown tone give a sense of calm and long-lasting which means stability and you would love that. Why Subaru? Subaru is known for their reliability too. They are built to last and designed with safety in mind.
Brand : Prada
Car : Audi A5
Gemini are one of the most affectionate and gentle people. But you are also have a high sense of curiosity and constantly evolving. Just like Prada. A brand with classic pieces who can constantly mixed with other unique pieces. Audi a5 is a car that is light, up to date with plenty of extra features which keeps you excited all the time.
Brand : Ralph Lauren
Car : Chevy Equinox
Oh Cancer, you are usually very emotional and wear your emotions on your sleeve. You are also sympathetic though. As you are emotional, you like to keep things simple, just like Ralph Lauren with it’s simple silhouette and embellishments. You also love a safe , stable, spacious and comfortable interior in a car, which can be found in a Chevy Equinox no doubt.
Brand : Versace
Car : Mustang
There is no such thing as too much attention. More is more. You love all eyes on you, so does Versace. Wearing a Versace will surely make others jaw drop and cant take their eyes off of you! Mustang has been known for their strong and fierce build. They also have eye-catching color and whoever drives it show class and taste, it’s just like you Leo.
Brand : Hermès
Car : Mercedes Benz
Workaholic Virgo doesn’t like vacation, their work ethics is truly off the charts. This sometimes also means you don’t really put much attention towards clothing, you don’t want to be noticed “that way”. Classic things is the way to go and Hermès is just the kind of brand. Like their famous Birkin bag, it is chic, simple yet very much functional. As you are also critical, and very detail-oriented, Mercedez can offer you just that. With attention to details that’s been put in the car, will makes you drive at ease.

Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim


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