Zodiac as High-End Fashion Brand and Cars (Part 2)

Welcome to the second series of zodiac as brand and cars – curious of what’s yours? Let’s begin.


Brand: Christian Dior
Cars: Chrysler Town & Country

You thrive to have positivism around you. Peace and harmony are two things that you crave for. But this doesn’t mean drama can be avoided, you just don’t want to be the one who causes it. As your love for balance in life, Chrysler Town & Country is perfect for you with its rotating seats to allow varied seating arrangements. Christian Dior will give you the perfect balance of sync around classic and earthy look.
Brand: Givenchy
Cars: Porsche

Sometimes you can be such a handful, but people around you think it’s worth it. You are a passionate person and born sexy without even trying. That’s why Givenchy suits you best with it’s classy but sexy design without trying too hard. As Porsche give you the sleek appearance filled with speed just the way you like it.
Brand: Old Céline
Cars: Saturn Sky

Idealistic Sagittarius likes to imagine all things perfect. You love the forward minded people who seek for freedom and travel. That’s why Old Céline translates you the most with its sophisticated design seeks for freedom in subtle ways. And what is better than a sporty convertible as Saturn Sky for fun Sagittarius?
Brand: Louis Vuitton
Cars: Range Rover

Capricorn has so much self-control, it amazes many. You are strong, strict, discipline and never missed a thing no matter how small it is. Just like Louis Vuitton’s consistency and discipline in design that gives a traditional vibe but still relevant to this era. Through out the time Range Rover also keep their consistency in design –  pretty much, everything you need.
Brand: Gucci
Cars: Tesla Model S

You love nature, you’re also independent, intellectual and slightly emotionally detached. Yet you love new ideas very much. Just like Gucci who don’t shy away with colors, fabric and prints. Meanwhile Tesla is giving you high tech cars, all is complete.
Brand: Fendi
Cars: Mini Cooper

You are very aware of the people around you. Every feeling there is, you can sense it. Pisceans are also known to be wise and artistic just like Fendi who gives simple mature cut with a twist. Mini Cooper with the considerably cute design and sophistication inside, this car represents you to the max.

Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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