I Will Love You, Until… (Part 1)

Love is a feeling all creatures desire to achieve. It is filled with all sorts of emotion including joy, sadness and pain. To acquire love, one must go through many obstacles and overcome all that comes with it.

Love bravely they said, don’t love blindly. As humans we tend to put a blind eye towards bad things and hyperfocusing on the happy ones. In this reading, love are interpreted not only a 2-people affair but also friendship and family. What might makes you turn the other way according to your zodiac signs?
… You Betray Me!
Arians are portraying Are , the God of War in ancient Greek Mythology. That somewhat translates into them having a constant battle in their daily life or being ready for the least. In this case , that’s why they honor loyalty to the core of their hearts. Once you betray an Aries, they rarely forgot.
… You Break My Heart!
They are consider as one of the most steady and faithful sign but they can also easily get hurt. Not that they are easily to destroy. Once you decide to break their heart in ways a Taurus deem hurtful, they can turn your back on you for good.
… You Try to Outsmart Me!
Don’t play mind games with Geminis. They are the master of deception and have an intellect that run faster than a cheetah on a hunt. If you think, you can fool them, that makes you the biggest fool of them all.
… You Abandon Me!
Cancerians are sweet but also possessive. Betraying their trust and abandon them when they feel down is the worst you can do. They need to be loved and seek balance in a relationship. As you did that, they will drift apart from you and never came back.
… You Make Me Look Like a Fool!
As Leo’s nature is loving to be in the center of attention, they are very protective of how people think of them and their social image. So does in a relationship, they demand to be appreciated. They appreciate honesty but sometimes ‘in your face’ is maybe too much.
… You Start Lying!
Their ability to observe and understand human behavior lead them to be the masters of truth and criticism. Virgo trust easily with a heart full of hope that cause a lot of heartbreak. This makes them easily lose faith in people.

Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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