Zodiac Signs and Their Personal Styles

Each zodiac sign has its own personality and this is what characterizes each individual, including you.

Likewise with fashion, in addition to wearing items that make you feel comfortable, selected items are also useful to highlight your personality. For example by choosing the style and fashion items according to the zodiac. By looking for items that match the personality described by the sign, you can also highlight your strengths and make you feel more comfortable.
Now find out your personal style based on your zodiac sign.
Look fresh with simple items with Aries style.
Though you are very creative, you prefer simple fashion items. However, it’s simplicity that makes you stand out and makes you a trend setter. Your personal style is simple but always able to pull off fresh looks. Your ability to mix and match your outfits is amazing.
Taurus requires comfort, until it fits with layering methods.
For Taurus, what matters is comfort. Taurus will be very comfortable wearing their favorite jeans paired with cool sneakers or ankle boots. Not just that, Taurus will be more confident by appearing layering style, such as wearing a bright colored sweater or jacket, statement sneakers, and patterned tops.
What Gemini does best: combining two opposing items.
In terms of fashion, Gemini is also the most anti-trapped in one style. Gemini doesn’t want to stick to their usual style, Gemini would wear jeans but with a stiletto, wears a feminine skirt with an edgy leather jacket and boots. In essence, Gemini always combines to opposites into one cool total look.

Cancer stands out the most with their classic look.
One word that fits Cancer’s personal style is classic. Cancer will be more confident with a feminine look in sexy colors like black, red, and ivory. In addition, Cancer also likes fashion items that look mature and luxurious, such as suits, little black dresses, structure bags and elegant pearl earrings.
No doubt for Leo to mix and match any item.
Leo who is brave, colorful, and never hesitate to accept challenges, is the most confident figure in terms of fashion. Leo never hesitate to mix and match any item for a striking result. What matters is statement accessories, unusual patterns, and miniskirts or mini dresses.
Ladylike look with feminine items for the elegant Virgo.
Virgo is very ladylike, especially in terms of fashion. Virgos are most fitting to wear fashion items that accentuate that accentuate the elegant side of themselves, like items that are very feminine. For example a dress, ruffle blouse, a skirt but they would also give a touch of vintage and classic in their appearance. They would look best in pastel colors.
Libra who’s always unpredictable in terms of fashion.
Nobody can guess what fashion style a Libra would wear tomorrow. Today they would look feminine, but tomorrow they would go for a tomboyish style. However, they are always interested in classic items that are easy to mix and match. Your personal style is to combine several items at once such as dresses and skirts, plus a structure jacket that accentuates that feminine and edgy side of you.
One word for Scorpio’s personal style: Edgy.
Focused, neat, but impressed edge, because Scorpio would never want to look boring. Scorpios will attract more attention with formal blazer suits, or sheath dresses that covers their body. They won’t forget to add accessories, such as structure bags or cool sunglasses.
Sagittarius the adventurer who favors bright colors.
The game of mix and match-ing bright colors will make Sagis look more prominent. Sagittarius likes items with straight and firm cuts with a feminine touch. However, they never hesitate to play with colors and patterns. Their favorite accessory is a statement necklace and cute bag which will attract attention to them.

A simple Capricorn, they would live with only jeans.
Simple but sophisticated. That is the hallmark of Capri’s fashion style. Capricorn’s favorite items consist of jeans, boots and a plain shirt. To not look that boring, they would add striking colored scarves or wear several accessory colors at once.
Aquarius always innovates for the sake of a trendy bold look.
In a way, Aquariuses are the most innovative and fun zodiac sign in terms of fashion. They always wear what makes them happy, even though other people sometimes question their choices. Therefore, they are always busy experimenting, in terms of colors, cuts, even motifs. If anyone can describe their personal style, it would be bold and trendy.
The romantic side of Pisces can be shown through pastel colors.
Want to pull a Boho style look? Soft, light, and floating items will make Pisces feel very beautiful. They would try pastel colored dresses, silk shirts, and velvet blazers. Although simple, their style is able to attract attention.
Writer: Dela Naufalia Fitriani
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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