Zodiacs and Their Choices of Wallet

Picking a wallet is not an easy task, especially now it comes with so many shapes and sizes also materials. Some might think they don’t need to bring cash everywhere they go so they use card holder, but many thinks otherwise as well.


Good thing we are here to help, here are some wallet choices perfect for you according to your zodiac signs.
A sporty person need a matching wallet as well. For you who like to travel out there, this type of wallet pouch is perfect, waterproof and also got a strap for you to hold on to.
Your love for classic things won’t change even when it comes to wallet. So go with the classic bi-fold wallet to match your personality.
Gemini is versatile, adaptable also outgoing so we decided a phone case wallet would be to the wallet to go.
You are imaginative and intuitive. You also love to pack things up into the smallest amount you should carry. Only the most essentials will pass the test. A card holder speaks louder than anything else.

You are born a gentleman with warm-heart and stern nature. A breast pocket wallet will look just nice on you.
A hassle-free chain wallet for up and go person just like virgo. You are also outgoing and makes this type of wallet just perfect.
Since you are always on the go, a travel bag is a most essentials item. You can fill all sorts of stuff in it and keep them in place.
With a suave demeanor and enigmatic personality, a little cash and one black card is all you need. For that, money clip is just perfect for you.
You love comfort and class. You are also practical and prudent in that case, a trifold wallet will suits your personality best.
Being friendly and self-sufficient, a wrist wallet is most likely a unpredictable place to store your cash. This can also be a fashion statement.
Zipper wallet is right for you because it’s secure and ideal for money and card storing. And you love both ideal and security.
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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